Dear Body, I’ve mistreated and abused you

Dear body, I have mistreated and abused you for so many years…I am here with solutions to my problems eating to numb, to celebrate and now to heal my life. So your thinking, here comes another one of those sale pitches, well there is no way that I am peeing on a piece of paper ,wrapping myself up with cellophane ..or drinking my food in any way shape or form. She awakened from her sleep walking days, and had a talk with herself in the still of the night. I can’t live this way anymore, I am fifty eight years old and my body is in a mode of destruction from the sugar and carbohydrates that I have fed you. There is a time to wake up and take your life back. Sometimes tomorrow never comes , sometimes now is all we have….sometimes you must realize that you hold that magical key of perseverance, change, happiness and joy. When I finally came to terms with my sugar addiction, I was able to look in the mirror and change. I was able to seek out information and support, to help transform my body that I badly abused with food. ” Denise, you are the magic that you have been waiting for all of your life.” Denise, you held that key for your whole life time but were afraid to walk through that door of fear. I close my eyes and visualize that person that I am meant to be, and my body melts like a candle dripping history of memories that hurt and abused me. ” No more sugar, get out of my life and stay out of my life. You almost destroyed my body as you destroyed my late father Charlies Alba. My dad , he couldn’t beat his food addictions, the food took his life away at seventy two years old. Complications from type 2 diabetes and later congestive heart failure. I heard a whisper in my ear….over and over again , I heard …heal your body first …then take them with you…” if you build it they will come.” I started a blog on face book called The Incredible Shrinking woman. I spoke, you listened, I cried, you cried with me ..I laughed laughed with me because ” I am a reflection of you my friends.” So come along to a place of self care and self love, come take your life back from you food addictions and claim your freedom that you deserve. I love you …you are me….I am you …together we can do this. Love Denise


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