The beginning of my weight loss journey

It was in the beginning that I learned food was love, food was a companion for numbing the pain. It was then at fifty eight years old that I reached out to a woman named Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions. Who was this woman that was going to help me with the mental clarity that I needed so desperately to lose over one hundred pounds? We skyped , I ran, I hit ..I canceled appointments afraid of what was behind closed doors of my emotional turmoil inside of me. How did I allow sugar to control me to allow me to weight two hundred and ninety eight pounds? Sugar is like crack cocaine and addictive substance that made me want more. I could hardly walk, I used a cane and needed a double knee replacement. I went to a seminar concerning the Gastric Bypass, but I didn’t pass their evaluation with their Therapist. I was using ” food” in a unhealthy way to help with my coping skills of a challenging journey with no goals insight. I made my first phone call to Maya, and started the inner work. What was I really hungry for , what did I really need to satisfy myself and forget all the dreams I had for myself. Could I really stick with a plan of choice to help with my unhealthy relationship with my food obsession? I had so many questions for this woman that I met online that had her own business and had her own awakening. The work began and I joined fitness pal for my own accountability. Fitness pal is a wondering way of keeping yourself in check and putting your food in the proper place. The weight stated coming off ..” slow and steady were the words that Maya used on me.”  I was not in a race but in my mind I was not getting any younger , I had to do this now…there was no turning back. We can not wish for our weight to come off . We can’t cry about all the weight that we gained , we must get right in our body, soul and spirit and uncover all the painful memories without the use of food. There were times that I had a crying fest with Maya …it was like a candle melting memories that I wanted to forget. I was not using sugar as a coping skill anymore. I was looking at a mirror of myself when I spoke to Maya, and I wanted what this young beautiful woman had . I was not going to talk about it any longer until I got it, the only person I was ever going to talk about it to was Maya. I was going to put all of my experience’s of weight loss together and find my paradise on earth. No more suffering, I had enough and I wanted to have a painless pain of losing this weight that almost took my life away. I had enough of people telling me ” you have such a beautiful face, if you would just loose a little weight.

The journey began last September of 2014,when I said enough, I was an embarrassment to myself. It is the journey that is important , not so much the finish line of success when you have so much weight to lose. I am in sound mind , sound body and sound spirit to continue on my yellow brick road to paradise on earth. Hello my name is Denise Street and I am a recovering sugar addict. I will take you through my own personal journey of getting right with my food choices and weight loss ! You are the magic that you have been waiting for your whole life long, now go get your blissful life. I will continue on this journey until I never have to worry about eating the wrong things but learning what the right things are for my weight loss journey. You are loved, Always Denise Street , The Incredible Shrinking Woman.


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