The Child Within, wants cotton candy and candy corn

Cotton candy, candy corn, donuts and cider ….dancing in my head of confusion , the adult in me says “no more, you’ve had enough sweets to last a life time. Get ahold of your thoughts let your dreams carry you to the next level of wellness.

The adult gets ahold of her thoughts, dancing in the rain naked for the world to see, a freedom of letting all of your emotions out . No more binges , no more starving just a plan to your destination of the butterfly that wants to soar onto new horizons.

I close my eyes and visualize that woman that I want to claim again, she has been buried for much too long. I breathe deeply and take in the wondrous day of curiosity.  I exhale a melody of truth and consequences , knowing I am moving to the next level the next life time of wellness and self care.

I want what I want, I need what I need , I see what I need to do and I move on and out of those haunting thoughts of cotton candy , candy corn and sweet cider ..its a mind shift it’s an awakening to know , this is my journey one of sharing my life with those that walk the same walk.

I hear the adult whisperings ” Denise, don’t look back, keep walking your talk , keep on your path, keep on your investigation of self caring and wonder.

My hands run down my naked body finding bones and muscle of my hard work of tremendous discipline . This is the key to going all the way, motivation that I know , I am on my way to a life of beauty and serenity with the sugar addiction that tried to steal my life away. I am here awakened to my next step of my plan of action, yes action does speak louder then words, take me to paradise on earth .

Let me be the example for those that forgot that they have voice and visions of their own beautiful melody of living healthy. I love you, you are just a reflection of me when I hear your voice I cry too. I know , we can do this day at a time sometimes one meal at a time. Be the person of change and change the person of doubt. Let the melody of your own music dance with a step that carries you to your freedom over your food addiction. Much Love Denise Street 


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