” Living and learning how to transform yourself,” With Your Food Addictions.

Living and learning how to transform your life and living with the choices of possibilities that will require self-discipline and mind shift. You might be scratching your head, wondering how you can get out of your self-imposed prison? Step by step, slowly, steady ..digging deep within your inner thoughts. Finding out what you are really hungry  for.  Did you leave a loved dream and forget how important dreams are in moving closer to your destiny on earth? During this process, I have opened my heart and soul up and dug out of the chaos of my life. I control nothing yet I choose everything and now I am on the way closer to my one hundred pound goal. Listen, move a little close to me ..can you hear the magical whisper within your thoughts? Eat this don’t eat that, do this don’t do that. What about the power of the mind that can shift in a way that you will no longer be addicted to that substance that has made you an unhealthy person using food as the drug of choice.  I opened up pandora’s box and found a lot of mystery and sadness inside, I have since learned the power of choice. I know longer use the word cheat when I mention a forbidden food that I am abstaining from. You can go nuts trying to figure out what food plan that you must go on  to lose  this weight that has been destroying your body, spirit and soul. Once you figure out your addictive food that sends you into a binge, you learn to stop eating this food. This is a grand choice of self-discipline and perseverance to work towards your beautiful transformation. I can hear the whispers within that focus on  healing my body by obtaining from white sugar. I am so much happier, and I never what to go to that place of allowing food to control me. I now choose to be healthier and happier. So please come and get your heaven on earth and walk your truth or live your consequences. I love you, you are a reflection of me. Love the Incredible Shrinking Woman, Denise Street.


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