You Are Not Destined To Your Food Addictions

Good morning seekers of your own personal dance towards your freedom of your food, sugar addictions. You are not destined to live being a slave to food. I am living proof that you have the ability to change your thoughts so you can change your body. I am sixty-eight pounds down and still going towards my freedom of this body that always hurts. I can have a million excuses why I can’t do this, but I am here to tell you that you can have two million reasons to take charge of your life. I was a sugar addict a slave to my addiction ..wanting to feed my body with sugary foods that always had me craving more. I STOPPED THE SUGAR and claimed my right to be free from all of my food addictions. I am on this journey of  self-care and I am not going back to the way that I was. Your question might be “how do I begin this journey,” where can I find that magic, who has the secrets of weight loss? First things first, please get rid of the white sugar and white flour in your diet and start looking deep within to see what you are really hungry for. Start the healing of your soul and touch your own heart with a plan of actions. Get rid of the addictive foods in your life and start reevaluating substitutions for foods that you love but can make healthier. I am now a recovering food addict and I love to wake up in the morning, there is no longer any panic involved. I don’t believe in cheating I believe in  choosing. It is all mind over matter and honey you matter and you need your full attention of your own healing and transformation. I’m sure that you have a million reasons why you can’t start, but I bet you can have two million reasons why you can start. Please believe in yourself again and take charge. Much Love Denise


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