The Incredible Shrinking Woman

There are so many diet programs for us out in this world of plenty, choose what is right for you. What is right for me, might not be right for you. I am an Italian woman in my late fifties that finally said, I have had enough of being fat. It was so hard to carry my two hundred and ninety-eight pounds around with me, I walked with a cane at fifty-seven. I used a wheelchair shopping cart to get around in the grocery stores, trying to ignore the stares that I got from strangers. Old friends wanted to know what happened to me, why I was riding in the wheelchair.

I could hardly walk at the two hundred and ninety-eight pounds, my knees are bone on bone with a meniscus tear in my right knee. I have been on every diet known to woman, I have joined every popular diet program, and I was always humiliated because I just couldn’t get it right. I was fat, I was depressed ..and I was killing myself with food. I hid in my house because I really didn’t want to face the world because there was only one person that did this to me, of course, you know ….it was me, myself and I.

My coping skills in the time of crisis was going to the store and buying food that could numb my pain. In my many searches for the magic, I met Richard Simons and went on his  cruise to lose in 1999. What a trip that was but it was still geared to diets, low fat, no fat…artifical sweeteners, count this, measure that. I didn’t want to live my life counting the food that went into my body. After the hundreds of diets, I failed on because it was a vicious cycle of losing the weight and gaining it all back.

I met a woman by the name of Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions. I found her online somewhere in my search and she was saying something different than everyone I ever had contact with. She was saying you can eat and still lose weight …well I had starved, binged, stopped and started on hundreds of diets ….I loved what she had to say. I called her September 2014 and my world is changing, my life is changing and I am now in charge of that mental shift that happens when you’ve had enough! I worked with Maya, and my words went for a cheat to choice.

Yes, we choose what we put into our bodies and I am the master of my own master plan of losing this weight. I am on a no white sugar no white flour low carbohydrate program destined by the hand of myself. What a freedom to understand your own body enough to know what is no longer good for you. As I continue on my yellow brick road of a paradise of now, I want to help those that have fallen down and forgot how to get up. Please join me on facebook, I created a support group and I have put my life out in the open for the world to visit and yes I am a reflection of you. Love Denise 


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