The Never ending Journey of Self Care

It’s four thirty am and I am here with you, digging deep within my soul to put a message out for the world to know that this is not a diet, this is a never ending journey of self-care. I no longer search for the magic because I realized a long time ago that ” I was the magic.”

 I spent so many years trying every known diet that the diet industry put out there. Yes, I joined many popular diets out there in fact I once was a diet counselor with a well know diet program that I walked away from. This, my friends, was all about buying their way of losing weight and buying their products. I am not selling anything to you, I am giving my story.

My story is one where you have been, where you are going and what you are doing in self-care. I work with Maya Nahra  a wonderful spirit of a woman who is a dietician and behavior coach. When I speak with her, I want to know, I want to be, I want to see this journey clearly. At two hundred and ninety-eight pounds, I knew what desperate and depression was because I wore that well on my body and face.

 I don’t believe in diets any longer, I believe in a lifestyle that you can live with on a day to day basis. There is never a start my diet Monday, fall off my diet Friday cycle of panic, pain, disappointment.  During my weight loss process, I am always listening to my teacher and fine turning my food program. My past is not my today, my today isn’t my future, now this very moment is  my truth or consequences. I love my new transformation and am happy with my discipline that I have acquired over time.

I am creating my own “masterpiece,” which is Denise Alba Street, I am proud of my perseverance of moving forward in a place of self-care. I am a ball of love and compassion, sharing my story with all of you. We can not use food to comfort our pain or our depression, food will never make any of it go away. I have all my painful memories tucked away in my soul, that is my yesterday, today I will take back my life and live in paradise on earth. Please take care of  your body soul and spirit …you are worth it. Much Love Denise 


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