Carmel apples, candy corn, red apple suckers, oodles of candy in my grandchildren’s bags of goodies. No more will I pretend that I don’t have a problem with sugar, this has been defined in my mind and something I must abstain from. The children will be dressed in their mysterious costumes and grandma will take a back seat when they rush home with their candy. Each day I become stronger, each day I find a peaceful place where food  once took a preference in my coping skills.

The great pretender of a moment of peace turned into  a body of obesity and sorrow for the body that I once wore. I close my eyes  and remember how far I have gone and  how far  I must continue on my yellow brick road of paradise on earth. My late father loved candy  his food choices cost him his life. Dad, I love and miss you so much, I am in this for the long haul, the spirit world told me that I would end up with you if I didn’t stop my ways. I listen and I walk with integrity and share my life with the world so they  will embrace their own journey of self-love.

I sit, I talk to my mentor and teacher and know, I must continue on even when there are some days I want to use food again as the drug of choice. I must not give into that child within that wants to go trick or treating  ..I  am better off with a bag of tricks. Ha ha …can you  hear me loud and clear, no more caramel apples, candy corn and red apple  suckers that I once made in my kitchen of creating this food that was trying to steal away my peace of mind. So choose it Denise …enjoy this Halloween and refrain from your poison. Walk your truth or live your consequence and be still in the mind shift that is happening in your life. You are, all you become with the work that is being done on a daily basis. Keep it real. Love Denise Street


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