Putting Your Plan Together ~

” Where There is a Dream and Vision, there is always Hope!!!!!! Denise Street~ Do you  know how to put your plan together? Start at the beginning, get the cobwebs out of your mind and relax. This journey is going to be one of self-discovery and pleasure. You have already gone through the pain, chaos and lessons where food is concerned.

It is time for you to put your own personal plan in place! I will say it a million times, get rid of the white sugar and white flour out of your program. There are alternatives and you will learn how to use them so  you can still enjoy your food plan. When I was a little girl, I grew up in an Italian family where food was love indeed. My Mother Rose stood at the stove baking and cookie top-notch desserts and dinners fit for five of her children and her husband Charlie.

I get my strength from God and my parents, they are always with me and I owe them everything. I started at two hundred and ninety-eight pounds, I am now at this  moment 230.6 pounds and love the feeling that I feel !!! I want more of that and I will get everything I need to take me to the next level of paradise on earth. Come a little closer, I have a secret for you! Shhh you must be still to listen,remember the magic that you were searching for? It is time to tell  you that you hold that magic key to a place of self-care and self-preservation.

 I am here to tell you I searched a lifetime working with the masters, fine tuning my own personal plan and I have it now. I know now, I am now an out picture of my thoughts and dreams. Never allow anyone to stand in the middle of your mind telling you that you can not do this because you can.  I am living proof and I am taking this all of the way.

My first goal will be to be one hundred and ninety-nine pounds. My second goal will be one hundred and fifty pounds and my third goal is yet to be determined. I have made the choice to get better, to feel better and to live better, and I pray that you will get to that one place of learning that you can do this. Much love Denise Street 


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