What Are You Really Hungry For?

Your frustrated, irritated, stressed out …where do you turn? Do you turn to a bag of potato chips or a box of chocolates? In that moment are you consciously thinking or do you go numb and begin to eat things that you know will sabotage your weight loss efforts? What is it that you are really hungry for?In that moment of torment and stress …do something different to take your thought off of food. What is it that you love to do and you forgot to implement it into your life? It is time to take a look at your life and figure it out so  you can stop beating  yourself over things that you can not control. It is time to look deep within and figure out why you do what you do in the time of stress. Food is only fuel for the body and nothing more but we have turned food into something that fills those empty places. You are the only person that can change your life and change your behaviors of turning to food instead of turning it over to your higher place. You need to be loved by yourself,you need to be nurtured by yourself. You need to stop using food as the drug of choice and go get your heaven on earth. I am a reflection of my inner thoughts my dreams that have been patiently waiting for me to claim them. Your effort will take you either away from you goals or towards your goals, you choose them. You choose what you put into your body. You choose to look at what you’re doing and fine tune your food program. I am awake, conscious and a living testimony in my weight loss story. You are the person that you have been waiting for to take you to the next level in self-care. You can do this, you are worthy, you are the magic that you have been looking for. Much love Denise Street


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