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Happy Thanksgiving To all , and to all love all ~

I’d love to wish the world a Happy Thanksgiving and a peaceful day filled with unconditional love. I have such gratitude, I am blessed beyond measures…too many blessings to go into detail. I am awake and alert in this world of uncertain moments. The only things that I count on is change within myself and hopefully in our world that is is crisis right now. Love can move mountains, but we must stand together in unity and love. I am Thankful for my husband who lived to see me through my journey of mistakes. Unconditional love is what we have as a couple and forgiveness when I was a fool at times. Love is the most powerful emotional that we have inside of us ….let it shine from here to eternity. Let your spirit shine and share with the world who you are. Much Love Denise Street 


Eat this, Don’t Eat that !

I am the master of my own destiny, my own transformational captain of my own ship sailing to a place of joy and recovery from my sugar addiction. Don’t you get very tired of listening to all of the diets out there with a promise ? I stopped dieting and got in touch with my soul. I stripped away the awful memories of yesterday where the bruises were deep enough to keep me in bondage. Working with Maya my coach, helped me to see that I could stop my own inner chaos that was going on inside of my head. I began to look inside and cut the noose around my neck that kept me from doing the simple act of self care. I am my own best friend or my own worst enemy, I choose now what feels good. I am melting like a candle dripping emotional garbage that was kept locked inside of me. I am on this wonderful journey of taking my life back from the food that kept me begging for more. I am in charge of my relationship with food. I am going all of the way, one day at a time, one step at a time. Come on you can do this , I know it, I was such a sugar addict and I am recovering from that substance of garbage. Please introduce yourself to the person that is beautiful landscape of possibilities. You are loved beyond measures , come dance in the rain with me.Love, love , love yourself and be who you always wanted to be. Love Denise Street 

Thanksgiving is a Time for Family

The holiday is approaching quickly and I am preparing special things in my kitchen. Yes I have a large family that will be attending and my beautiful daughter will be getting engaged to marry the man of her dreams. Dreams do come true when you can imagine, ” the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.” Family,  will be coming over for the yearly feast of Thanksgiving this Thursday, what will you be having?

I am on a low carbohydrate program that allows me to dip into my creative side of  food cuisine. I will be making things that our family enjoys but for me…it will be all low carbohydrate heavenly foods. I am ready to take this Holiday right to the next level of my personal weight loss journey. I have been awakened for over one year now, and I am down 68 pounds and still moving towards my one hundred pound first goal.

I have to keep my head on straight and go full throttle. You see there is no reason for me to eat other things of habit when I have such a wide variety of good foods that I can eat. I will be preparing some things tomorrow  to start my menu, such as pies for my family and  low carbohydrate cheese cake for myself.

I set myself up for a successful Thanksgiving because I owe this to myself and my body that really hurts daily. I will continue to keep my commitment to my coach Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions and most of all the commitment to myself. So my wish for all of you is to please take care of  yourself in the most delightful ways. This is not a punishment this is a reward of plenty to get your health back. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving, Denise Street 

Sugar, Sugar, Stop the damn Sugar!!!

My history is a sugar addict, I loved sugar…any kind, any where …tons of sugar held me captive in my own miserable body of shame. I am here awakened to my new story of hope and delivery from my addictive personality. “My name is compassion, I have a good soul…look into my eyes…I’m someone you know!”copyright Denise Street. I once had a small book of inspirational words that were the landscape of my story. God rest Mercedes soul, out there somewhere fighting for her own freedom in life,she created our little book of hope.

I’m still fighting no matter how much weight I’ve lost …close to seventy pounds, I am still fighting and can’t give in to Sugar. Sugar comes in so many forms it’s ridiculous and mind boggling. I have to be on top of my game at all times and I can’t allow my commitment to cave. There will always be temptation, everywhere I look, everywhere that I go…sugar is there hidden in so many disguises !

My mind tells me , but it’s Gods paradise of fruit that people labored over. It’s sugar and still puts me in a spin a revolting addictive behavior that must stop! I am heading toward that one hundred pound weight loss goal and I must continue to be awake and alert to what my body needs , not wants! My wish for all of you seekers if hope is to know, you can do this. Obstain from your addictions no matter what they are. There is a rainbow after the rain , there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am with you ..I am a reflection of you and I am going all of the way. Much Love Denise Street 

Get On Your High Horse and Get it Done

I sit here, trying to find the words of encouragement for me and for you. In my heart, I am still driven by fear that sometimes plays mind games with me. I know in my heart, I can do this but there is another voice that says are you ready, really ready to finish what you started?

Are you really ready to figure out what is eating at your soul? Sometimes, it’s not what your eating but what is eating you. Once you realize the components for self healing you are on your way to transformation. “When the student is ready,” the teacher will arrive.

You don’t know really how high on the list of priorities self care is,but you continue to push through. You continue to push fear away and walk through that door of change. The Holiday is right around the corner, are you ready to take on your world  of temptation? Are you preparing for your feast, or preparing for your failure?

You hold the key, you have the greatness within to move mountains. In this journey that I am on, I know what is good for my body and what is not so good for my journey. Yes as my teacher spoke to me,”draw a line in the sand,” you don’t cross that boundary, you just find your paradise on earth with the choices that you make.

Sometimes, people are not ready to hear the truth, something holds them back. Sometimes people are looking for the magic, when the magic is locked within.

I want to get on top of mountains  and scream at the top of my lungs, I got this , I know what to do ….and I am going all the way. The vortex of change is here, taking me to a new level of transformation! I want to sweep all of my pain away and replace it all with happy, joyful new memories.

Tick, tock, time is drifting away…get on your high horse and get this done! I am here, awakened from my sleeping slumber ready to go ..go ..go to the finish line of purpose. Wake up, wake up, where ever you are , it is time to go get your bliss! Thank you so much for reading my morning moments of thought provoking inspiration, for you and for me! Much Love Denise Street

Italian Goddess of Yesterday…today I choose change.

God rest the souls of my parents Charles and Rose Alba who taught me love and compassion, rest in peace my angels in heaven. My late Father couldn’t beat his sugar addiction, and it took his life. Sugar is a powerful substance, too power for me to ever put,this drug of choice  in my body. When I am weak, I think about you Dad, I think about the suffering that you endured during your final days. I am not only choosing change for me but I am changing choose for you. Choose or cheat, I don’t believe in cheating but I do believe in abstaining from those foods that destroy your inner joy and destroy your health. As Thanksgiving arrives this coming week, I ask for the power to continue on my weight loss journey of transformation. I ask for joy, peace and inner happiness that was robbed from my late Father Charlie and myself when I was destroying my body in my history. I ask that I inspire those that feel stuck in a very dark place of unhappiness and joy. I ask that my teacher continues to spread her light and expertise onto me. Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions, you rock have helped me and are helping me in my own personal transformation. I wish each and everyone of you joy, inner peace and transformation ! Much Love Denise Street 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, to everyone that ever had a struggle with their food. Thanksgiving is a time for family a time for gratitude and a time to look at your life. My daughter puts her order in and the words of my addiction come out of her mouth.No stop, never ,stop, I am making healthier options for desert.

I don’t care if it is the holiday, I made a commitment to myself and my teacher and I am sticking with this. Yes I have fond memories of my late Mother slaving over the stove making such delicious  recipes that would melt the hearts of any foodie.

My Mother had a flair for food that would melt the hearts of a million onlookers. I know my Mother and Father are shinning their light on me because they never wanted any of their five children suffer. I close my eyes and see this transformation that is coming alive and I am  happier then I’ve ever been.

Finding a guide and coach, teacher and humanitarian, Maya Nahra founder of “Healthy Habit Solutions.” where have you  been all of my life? Each day I become a little freer in my choice surrounding food. Thanksgiving has taken on a new memories for me since my parents are in heaven.

I am creating a new landscape of good health with good food choices, family, love and gratitude. I am in my heart space of knowing not only am I doing this for myself, but my family and friends and those that can’t find their own way. Maybe when they see me the recovering sugar addict figure the secret that is tucked away within themselves will too have a freedom over sugar!

Hell yes I am alive and living in a land of self care! One two three, get your shit together and free yourself ! I am on top of the world looking at the old me and never want to go back to that self imprisoned place again!

Are you with me, are you wanting this way of life, are you willing to take back your life? Let’s get started now, today , not after the holiday’s, there will always be temptation but you must sacrifice the old way and embrace the new way of life. I am becoming healthier, happier and more joyful in my journey and you can  be also. Please choose yourself for once and stop yourself from being last. You are first you are going all of the way and you are loved. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you seekers of taking your life back. Much love Denise Street~

You Are all you think you are ~

 You are beauty, joy, harmony and peace ..a landscape of your hearts desires in a pond of possibilities.

You are all of the dreams that you have ever imagined

You can be healthy, happy and driven to continue on your yellow brick road of today

You are all the things that you see in her and all she see’s in you

Your eyes tell your story, your body language speaks great volume

Enjoy this ride of today, for it will mold your days to tomorrow

You are that butterfly that has shed her cocoon and you now soar to higher grounds 

You are all you believe in, you are !!!!

Are You Ready to Peel Away the layers of your life ?

 You are here reading my words, looking for that magical cure in weight loss. Yes I have lost close to sixty-nine pounds, yes I am working with the best coach Maya Nahra from Healthy Habit Solutions, yes I am truly blessed.

Are you still searching for the magical diet solutions to get rid of your unwanted pounds that you’ve acquired over time? Are you really ready to peel away the layers of your life…are you ready?

You see once you get your program in place and you choose a weight loss program that will take you there, it is time to peel away the layers of your life. Peeling the layers of your life, is very uncomfortable because you have to face painful yesterdays of your past.

I believe I do have my master plan of living with the food that I put into  my body. I am now ready for that next missing piece of hurt, emotional baggage to be released from the secrets of my soul. I am looking at my teacher when she starts asking me questions of where my beliefs have come from. I stare at her, it’s uncomfortable, it hurts, I want to cry…I WANT TO RUN AND NEVER STOP RUNNING.

This is key in my letting go of the old behavior  patterns that have scared me, that have made me bury my deepest secrets that I used food to numb with, so I never had to face them again. Are you really ready “Denise Street,” to expose the secrets of your soul, are you really ready?

Get ready for the next enchanting heart wrenching powerful missing piece in your life. People, get ready to dig up the painful piece that will humble and protect your heart from words, pain, exposure. People get ready! You are loved, you are “worthy of your own attention”, you are good enough, powerful enough, brave enough. Denise gets ready you are about to dive in body, soul and spirit. Denise, please get ready it is time to let go of all that no longer serves your purpose in life. Denise get ready.