Are You Ready to Peel Away the layers of your life ?

 You are here reading my words, looking for that magical cure in weight loss. Yes I have lost close to sixty-nine pounds, yes I am working with the best coach Maya Nahra from Healthy Habit Solutions, yes I am truly blessed.

Are you still searching for the magical diet solutions to get rid of your unwanted pounds that you’ve acquired over time? Are you really ready to peel away the layers of your life…are you ready?

You see once you get your program in place and you choose a weight loss program that will take you there, it is time to peel away the layers of your life. Peeling the layers of your life, is very uncomfortable because you have to face painful yesterdays of your past.

I believe I do have my master plan of living with the food that I put into  my body. I am now ready for that next missing piece of hurt, emotional baggage to be released from the secrets of my soul. I am looking at my teacher when she starts asking me questions of where my beliefs have come from. I stare at her, it’s uncomfortable, it hurts, I want to cry…I WANT TO RUN AND NEVER STOP RUNNING.

This is key in my letting go of the old behavior  patterns that have scared me, that have made me bury my deepest secrets that I used food to numb with, so I never had to face them again. Are you really ready “Denise Street,” to expose the secrets of your soul, are you really ready?

Get ready for the next enchanting heart wrenching powerful missing piece in your life. People, get ready to dig up the painful piece that will humble and protect your heart from words, pain, exposure. People get ready! You are loved, you are “worthy of your own attention”, you are good enough, powerful enough, brave enough. Denise gets ready you are about to dive in body, soul and spirit. Denise, please get ready it is time to let go of all that no longer serves your purpose in life. Denise get ready. 


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