Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, to everyone that ever had a struggle with their food. Thanksgiving is a time for family a time for gratitude and a time to look at your life. My daughter puts her order in and the words of my addiction come out of her mouth.No stop, never ,stop, I am making healthier options for desert.

I don’t care if it is the holiday, I made a commitment to myself and my teacher and I am sticking with this. Yes I have fond memories of my late Mother slaving over the stove making such delicious  recipes that would melt the hearts of any foodie.

My Mother had a flair for food that would melt the hearts of a million onlookers. I know my Mother and Father are shinning their light on me because they never wanted any of their five children suffer. I close my eyes and see this transformation that is coming alive and I am  happier then I’ve ever been.

Finding a guide and coach, teacher and humanitarian, Maya Nahra founder of “Healthy Habit Solutions.” where have you  been all of my life? Each day I become a little freer in my choice surrounding food. Thanksgiving has taken on a new memories for me since my parents are in heaven.

I am creating a new landscape of good health with good food choices, family, love and gratitude. I am in my heart space of knowing not only am I doing this for myself, but my family and friends and those that can’t find their own way. Maybe when they see me the recovering sugar addict figure the secret that is tucked away within themselves will too have a freedom over sugar!

Hell yes I am alive and living in a land of self care! One two three, get your shit together and free yourself ! I am on top of the world looking at the old me and never want to go back to that self imprisoned place again!

Are you with me, are you wanting this way of life, are you willing to take back your life? Let’s get started now, today , not after the holiday’s, there will always be temptation but you must sacrifice the old way and embrace the new way of life. I am becoming healthier, happier and more joyful in my journey and you can  be also. Please choose yourself for once and stop yourself from being last. You are first you are going all of the way and you are loved. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you seekers of taking your life back. Much love Denise Street~


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Tank you so much! We ate planning our menu for the big day! We plan on Baked Turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh kale salad, sweet potatoes, corn on cob, pecan pie (1) , for 6 people..maybe ice cream, 1/2 gallon…


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