Italian Goddess of Yesterday…today I choose change.

God rest the souls of my parents Charles and Rose Alba who taught me love and compassion, rest in peace my angels in heaven. My late Father couldn’t beat his sugar addiction, and it took his life. Sugar is a powerful substance, too power for me to ever put,this drug of choice  in my body. When I am weak, I think about you Dad, I think about the suffering that you endured during your final days. I am not only choosing change for me but I am changing choose for you. Choose or cheat, I don’t believe in cheating but I do believe in abstaining from those foods that destroy your inner joy and destroy your health. As Thanksgiving arrives this coming week, I ask for the power to continue on my weight loss journey of transformation. I ask for joy, peace and inner happiness that was robbed from my late Father Charlie and myself when I was destroying my body in my history. I ask that I inspire those that feel stuck in a very dark place of unhappiness and joy. I ask that my teacher continues to spread her light and expertise onto me. Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions, you rock have helped me and are helping me in my own personal transformation. I wish each and everyone of you joy, inner peace and transformation ! Much Love Denise Street 


2 thoughts on “Italian Goddess of Yesterday…today I choose change.

    1. Maya, there is no other way for me or it will lead me also to that place of death. So I choose to continue on this journey and light the way for other people that also struggle with their own addiction. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, with me and others. Love Denise


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