Get On Your High Horse and Get it Done

I sit here, trying to find the words of encouragement for me and for you. In my heart, I am still driven by fear that sometimes plays mind games with me. I know in my heart, I can do this but there is another voice that says are you ready, really ready to finish what you started?

Are you really ready to figure out what is eating at your soul? Sometimes, it’s not what your eating but what is eating you. Once you realize the components for self healing you are on your way to transformation. “When the student is ready,” the teacher will arrive.

You don’t know really how high on the list of priorities self care is,but you continue to push through. You continue to push fear away and walk through that door of change. The Holiday is right around the corner, are you ready to take on your world  of temptation? Are you preparing for your feast, or preparing for your failure?

You hold the key, you have the greatness within to move mountains. In this journey that I am on, I know what is good for my body and what is not so good for my journey. Yes as my teacher spoke to me,”draw a line in the sand,” you don’t cross that boundary, you just find your paradise on earth with the choices that you make.

Sometimes, people are not ready to hear the truth, something holds them back. Sometimes people are looking for the magic, when the magic is locked within.

I want to get on top of mountains  and scream at the top of my lungs, I got this , I know what to do ….and I am going all the way. The vortex of change is here, taking me to a new level of transformation! I want to sweep all of my pain away and replace it all with happy, joyful new memories.

Tick, tock, time is drifting away…get on your high horse and get this done! I am here, awakened from my sleeping slumber ready to go ..go ..go to the finish line of purpose. Wake up, wake up, where ever you are , it is time to go get your bliss! Thank you so much for reading my morning moments of thought provoking inspiration, for you and for me! Much Love Denise Street


2 thoughts on “Get On Your High Horse and Get it Done

  1. Denise, you have grown so much since we first found each other. Your writings are proof of your determination and strength. Don’t ever doubt yourself…you, also, are a teacher for many. Congrats on your efforts and guidance for us all! Love you Cugina!!


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