Sugar, Sugar, Stop the damn Sugar!!!

My history is a sugar addict, I loved sugar…any kind, any where …tons of sugar held me captive in my own miserable body of shame. I am here awakened to my new story of hope and delivery from my addictive personality. “My name is compassion, I have a good soul…look into my eyes…I’m someone you know!”copyright Denise Street. I once had a small book of inspirational words that were the landscape of my story. God rest Mercedes soul, out there somewhere fighting for her own freedom in life,she created our little book of hope.

I’m still fighting no matter how much weight I’ve lost …close to seventy pounds, I am still fighting and can’t give in to Sugar. Sugar comes in so many forms it’s ridiculous and mind boggling. I have to be on top of my game at all times and I can’t allow my commitment to cave. There will always be temptation, everywhere I look, everywhere that I go…sugar is there hidden in so many disguises !

My mind tells me , but it’s Gods paradise of fruit that people labored over. It’s sugar and still puts me in a spin a revolting addictive behavior that must stop! I am heading toward that one hundred pound weight loss goal and I must continue to be awake and alert to what my body needs , not wants! My wish for all of you seekers if hope is to know, you can do this. Obstain from your addictions no matter what they are. There is a rainbow after the rain , there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am with you ..I am a reflection of you and I am going all of the way. Much Love Denise Street 


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