Thanksgiving is a Time for Family

The holiday is approaching quickly and I am preparing special things in my kitchen. Yes I have a large family that will be attending and my beautiful daughter will be getting engaged to marry the man of her dreams. Dreams do come true when you can imagine, ” the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.” Family,  will be coming over for the yearly feast of Thanksgiving this Thursday, what will you be having?

I am on a low carbohydrate program that allows me to dip into my creative side of  food cuisine. I will be making things that our family enjoys but for me…it will be all low carbohydrate heavenly foods. I am ready to take this Holiday right to the next level of my personal weight loss journey. I have been awakened for over one year now, and I am down 68 pounds and still moving towards my one hundred pound first goal.

I have to keep my head on straight and go full throttle. You see there is no reason for me to eat other things of habit when I have such a wide variety of good foods that I can eat. I will be preparing some things tomorrow  to start my menu, such as pies for my family and  low carbohydrate cheese cake for myself.

I set myself up for a successful Thanksgiving because I owe this to myself and my body that really hurts daily. I will continue to keep my commitment to my coach Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions and most of all the commitment to myself. So my wish for all of you is to please take care of  yourself in the most delightful ways. This is not a punishment this is a reward of plenty to get your health back. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving, Denise Street 


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