Eat this, Don’t Eat that !

I am the master of my own destiny, my own transformational captain of my own ship sailing to a place of joy and recovery from my sugar addiction. Don’t you get very tired of listening to all of the diets out there with a promise ? I stopped dieting and got in touch with my soul. I stripped away the awful memories of yesterday where the bruises were deep enough to keep me in bondage. Working with Maya my coach, helped me to see that I could stop my own inner chaos that was going on inside of my head. I began to look inside and cut the noose around my neck that kept me from doing the simple act of self care. I am my own best friend or my own worst enemy, I choose now what feels good. I am melting like a candle dripping emotional garbage that was kept locked inside of me. I am on this wonderful journey of taking my life back from the food that kept me begging for more. I am in charge of my relationship with food. I am going all of the way, one day at a time, one step at a time. Come on you can do this , I know it, I was such a sugar addict and I am recovering from that substance of garbage. Please introduce yourself to the person that is beautiful landscape of possibilities. You are loved beyond measures , come dance in the rain with me.Love, love , love yourself and be who you always wanted to be. Love Denise Street 


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