This Is Your Life, awaken to it !

I am awake, alert and calm…..I breathe in ……….take in all the goodness…exhale…letting go ..letting go …letting go ….


I can now see what is in front of me ..I am the landscaper of my own new story!

I breathe in ……taking in …taking in …taking in love, joy …and serenity

I exhale …..letting go …letting go…letting go of what was and what will never be

I exhale ……and bring forth …a new way of living authentically me and who I am and will always be

Take this time to get acquainted with your own personal story that is life changing when  you see things that no longer serve you

The rhythm of life is pulsating through my body in a positive new way

I now accept all that needs my attention , I now accept new beginnings

I am now ready for change ..I am now ready to continue living loud and voicing my thoughts and visions ..I am the awakened one

Denise Street



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