I Am Worth It

I decided that at fifty seven years old, it was time to take my life back from the food addictions that I was suffering from. I decided that it was now or never to get started to transform my world and get busy taking care of myself. I began working with Maya Nahra, founder of Healthy Habit Solutions and my life took on this wonderful journey of self care and discipline to heal my life. Food is only nourishment , it doesn’t take any pain away, it was my personal numbing device and easy to get to in my personal disparaging moments. My moments now are finding new moments that continue this journey of putting food in the proper place. Eating is a wonderful investment of self care when you choose those things that nourish your body and not that moment of numbing whatever may be bothering you. I am seventy pounds thinner, my body doesn’t hurt as much as it did and I can move with grace instead of struggle. I am worth it ..and so are you ..now please go take care of yourself because this is your journey. Blessings Denise Street 


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