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Dream, Believe, Do

581939_10150793141488482_976509295_n  Dream, that you can be and do whatever your heart desires, Believe that you are worthy of taking care of your body, soul and spirit. Do put your words into action. Yes I have learned what discipline is because I have created a new mind set that is moving me closer to my goals in life.

My body is my temple and I must take care of myself today. I am strong, I am a beautiful spirit living this human experience, and when I leave this world, I will leave many things behind to remind you of me.

I am focused because I am working on staying centered in the eye of the storm that I have no control over. I am healthier because I am very mindful of everything that I choose to put into my body. Sugar was my enemy and I came to the realization that I needed to stop the sugar addiction in my life. I am happier then I have been in many years because I have learned that when the ” student is ready the teacher will arrive.” Thank  you Maya Nahra for sticking with this stubborn Italian woman.

I give thanks to everyone that has and is supporting my weight loss journey. I am over seventy pounds healthier and I could walk without my cane! I am no longer embarrassed when I run into people that I know because I am now taking care of myself.I thank God for waking me up from my  self destruction ways. I am loved , and I am an inspiration to people that have told me so, I am so happy that I want to sing on the top of the mountain ” you can do this!” Much Love Denise Street


Easter a Wonderful Time with family,praising Jesus

When did Easter become a foodies paradise with lost meaning of binging on easter bread, and easter desserts? That was the old Denise , the Denise that looked forward to a day of binging on deserts of all kinds. This year was different for me as I continue to create my own personal masterpiece of transforming my life. I am clearer than I’ve ever been before with prioritizing my food plan of action. For Christians it is a time to rejoice and praise our lord Jesus Christ. For non christians it is a day of food, glorious food that puts temptation in your face. I am learning this time around how everything is a choice and we live the consequences of our choices in life. What a transformational movement in my life to continue to move forward and onward.I made it through another Holiday without a binge, without deprivation. I choose not to eat deserts because they send me to places where I don’t want to find myself…”self hate.” Food has to be in the proper place in my life because it is only food for nourishing my body. I do love food but I choose differently now, yes my choices continue to sing to my soul in a awesome way.So for this moment, this awesome day…choose wisly and enjoy the food that you choose ! Much Love Denise Street

Set Me Free One Day At a Time

Once upon a time, there was this little girl that grew up in an Italian family that loved to cook and eat and eat and eat. Food was like a blanket of love all rolled up into comfort of a temporary disguise of untruth.This little girl struggled with her weight for what seemed like decades. Cotton candy, candy apples …a candy store lined up with visions of jelly belly’s that she managed with her life experience. She once knew Richard Simmons that Gura of weight loss. One day her cousin and her learned Richard was going to be at a radio show in Rochester New York. The excitement mounted as she planned to meet her teacher of weight loss. When Richard laid eyes on her in the studio , he danced with her as she cried and cried and cried. Richard told her , ” if I had a magic wand I would wave it but I can’t !” She thought , shit , I want that magic, I am tired of the struggle I want to be thinner and healthier. This little girl was me, myself and I that grew up learning that the magic  was within and no one could ever give it to me. As the years went by, I then planned to go on Richard Simmons ” Cruise to Lose,” a dream come true for me. I packed my bags and left my husband to tend to our three children and it all began. Looking for the magic where could it be , look into the mirror you are what you need. From the Cruise to lose, to exercising on the stage in Tampa with Richard , I was always looking for that magic in weight loss. I spent what seemed like years losing and gaining weight, like a roller coaster ride of tormented dreams wanting to be thin and beautiful. Here I am, fifty eight years old finally getting it , with the help of Maya Nahra founder of ” Healthy Habit Solutions.” Who was this little woman that reminded me of a Goddess of weight loss. Oh no Denise you learned the hard way ,” never get lost in the messenger.” The work began over a year and a half ago, slow and steady, wins the race Maya would say. I am over seventy pounds down and getting healthier and happier. Set me free one day at a time, one moment at a time, knowing I am the only person that could have ever freed myself from the hands of obesity.I am forever grateful for the wonder teachers that I have had in this life time, and I want to tell you that you can do this. You can be that person in the mirror that could set yourself free. God bless you and welcome to  your own new story. Much Love Denise Street


At two hundred and ninety eight pounds, I was depressed , feeling hopeless and insecure that I would ever take my life back from my food addiction. Sugar was my drug of choice, food pacified what I was missing in my life. One day, I woke up and I took charge with the help of a woman that has helped me to see the healing powers of the mind. I was sick and tired of being fat and feeling like I failed myself. How in the world can food take my power away, why did I allow food to take my power away? I met another woman that would tell me to take charge, I smile to think of all of wonderful teachers that I’ve had in my lifetime.

It was time for me to control the only thing that I felt I had power to control with a mind shift. Our mind is more powerful that you can even imagine, and I was ready to change my life. Food no longer controls my thoughts, and numbs my pain, food is just food and nothing more. As I put food in the proper place, I began to take care of myself at the age of fifty eight years old. I have been working on my masterpiece for over one year, with my teacher, coach, Maya Nahra founder of Healthy Habit Solutions.

 Discipline was difficult for me to put into my life. If I wanted this weight loss journey to take place, I had to find discipline in my life. If I wanted weight release to happen I needed , discipline, choice, and now my freedom. This is a daily project for me , this is my life song my heart’s lullaby. I am doing this , I am over seventy pounds healthier, I am exercising my body. I am grateful, I am happier, I am singing a song that I want to live the rest of my life. I am giving you everything that I learn, I am here, you are there , I know your pain because I lived it . You can change your life, you can become a healthier happier person once you set your mind to take charge of your life. Love and God bless you Denise Street