Easter a Wonderful Time with family,praising Jesus

When did Easter become a foodies paradise with lost meaning of binging on easter bread, and easter desserts? That was the old Denise , the Denise that looked forward to a day of binging on deserts of all kinds. This year was different for me as I continue to create my own personal masterpiece of transforming my life. I am clearer than I’ve ever been before with prioritizing my food plan of action. For Christians it is a time to rejoice and praise our lord Jesus Christ. For non christians it is a day of food, glorious food that puts temptation in your face. I am learning this time around how everything is a choice and we live the consequences of our choices in life. What a transformational movement in my life to continue to move forward and onward.I made it through another Holiday without a binge, without deprivation. I choose not to eat deserts because they send me to places where I don’t want to find myself…”self hate.” Food has to be in the proper place in my life because it is only food for nourishing my body. I do love food but I choose differently now, yes my choices continue to sing to my soul in a awesome way.So for this moment, this awesome day…choose wisly and enjoy the food that you choose ! Much Love Denise Street


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