Dream, Believe, Do

581939_10150793141488482_976509295_n  Dream, that you can be and do whatever your heart desires, Believe that you are worthy of taking care of your body, soul and spirit. Do put your words into action. Yes I have learned what discipline is because I have created a new mind set that is moving me closer to my goals in life.

My body is my temple and I must take care of myself today. I am strong, I am a beautiful spirit living this human experience, and when I leave this world, I will leave many things behind to remind you of me.

I am focused because I am working on staying centered in the eye of the storm that I have no control over. I am healthier because I am very mindful of everything that I choose to put into my body. Sugar was my enemy and I came to the realization that I needed to stop the sugar addiction in my life. I am happier then I have been in many years because I have learned that when the ” student is ready the teacher will arrive.” Thank  you Maya Nahra for sticking with this stubborn Italian woman.

I give thanks to everyone that has and is supporting my weight loss journey. I am over seventy pounds healthier and I could walk without my cane! I am no longer embarrassed when I run into people that I know because I am now taking care of myself.I thank God for waking me up from my  self destruction ways. I am loved , and I am an inspiration to people that have told me so, I am so happy that I want to sing on the top of the mountain ” you can do this!” Much Love Denise Street


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