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I Have a Secret

2016-03-17 18.04.13I do have a secret for you, yes you. You are the answer that you  have been seeking your whole life long. Yes, you hold the key to   creating your new masterpiece of you. You have the power to change your life regardless of where you are . You are the master planner of a successful new body,mind and spirit.You are the magic, you are the master healer of your own life if you just say  yes . Yes, I can change my life story and create a happier life , a healthier body soul, and spirit. Say “yes,” and get started now, today. What are you waiting for, don’t allow your trigger foods to control your addiction? Sugar will knock you down and spit you out. You must understand that you hold the key to your freedom with food. I have lost 72 lbs with the guidance of Maya Nahra. I feel so incredible and my life is full now that I’ve said yes. Know that I have choices or consequences of my choices. What a secret that is. Stop ignoring your inner conscious, and start to build your new life. God bless you all. Love Denise


Maya Nahra, Founder of Healthy Habit Solutions

11236555_892845287438908_4509381493148553166_oI want to introduce Maya Nahra , founder of Healthy Habit Solutions. This meeting of my dietician, behavior coach was Gods intervention. I have no doubts , that this woman was put here to guide me. I know you have seen or heard about all the “coaches, on the internet ,’ but this young woman has so much to teach the world. When I first met with her on the phone, I wanted to run as fast as I could because fear was always getting in my way. I stopped myself from diving deeper into my own soul, I was struggling with everything in my life. I was two hundred and ninety-eight pounds and I couldn’t walk without my cane. Her teachings about mental habits created a Goddess within me. She woke up that dying person inside and helped me to see the positive in life. Most obese people have underlying issues in their lives that are covered up with the use of numbing with food. The intense work began, and there were times , I just wanted to run away from this woman. She was allowing the light to come into my life and fear, always got in the way of me peeling  the remnants of my core. I wanted out of this fat body, it was dragging me down and tearing me apart inside. The work had to begin because I was ready and able to work the internal issues of my life. Diet’s won’t take you to the places that I am traveling through and to. Inner work will tear down the walls of your soul and build your spirit up in a way where you can soar. I am worthy of my own attention, I am the destiny changer. I am ready and willing to continue the work with this bright talented woman and I want you to find her and start your own new story. You can find both of us on Facebook, just do your investigative work and begin. I have lost seventy-two pounds with the guidance of this woman. I want you to join her on her online class’s she is impeccable with everything that she puts out there. God bless you all, you have a story to share with the world, so go to it ..and start. Love Denise

It is About The Food, and mindfulness

1525534_1386592841598122_2090537227_nThere are those people that say ” obesity isn’t about the food!’ For me it was about choosing foods that made me obese because I love to eat sugar desserts, walking into an Italian bakery and choosing the most exotic delicious cookies and cannoli dipped in chocolate. The problem was numbing myself with these high-calorie foods that nurtured that scared little girl within. I could remember walking into a Fanny Farmer store and order chocolates with wrapping paper and a bow, please. Oh, this candy wasn’t for a gift , this candy was for me, pretending that I was giving a gift to someone. I was giving myself a high calorie, with delicious chocolates, yes, please, I’ll take two pounds worth. This, my friends, was the old Denise, the Denise that didn’t want to look inside to see why I used food as the drug of choice. Today is a much brighter day because I made the choice to work with a Dietician, behavior coach named ” Maya Nahra ,” founder of ” Healthy Habit Solutions.” I now look forward to my fruit that feeds that the desire to be sweet and sassy, ha ha! You can do this,  you can stop choosing foods that will numb and destroy your body. You can choose to ” give it all you got.” You don’t have to “give in, or give up.” You got this, just look within and stop using food as the “drug of choice ,” to numb your crisis’s in life. We always making it through when there are difficult times and the food isn’t going to make it all better. Please take care of yourself , you owe this to yourself. Much Love Denise Street ” The Incredible Shrinking Woman.’

Tap Into Your Magnificent Mind

There is a magnificent tool right at the palm of your hand, it’s called your brain, use your mind to get what you want ! Hello it’s me , waiting for you to give me the okay to transform your life. I am here ready and waiting for the power that you possess, use me .Weight release is a game of mental habits as my coach Maya Nahra has made me so aware of. Yes one cookie taste just as good as ten, so why would you need ten?

For me I never eat things that will send me over the edge of uncontrolled eating. There is cheese cake and whip cream cake in the fridge, I look at them differently now. To me they stand for self sabotage to stand in my way of my personal masterpiece of sculpting my body, mind and spirit.

There came a time when I said , “no more,” I’ve had enough of being obese and I am changing my story now.Food is no longer my drug of choice, I choose me, myself and I , I choose the feeling of calm.

How many people tell you that you have the most magfificant tool inside of you? Well you do and you know  what to do, you know when you eat things that get in your way. Why would you want to do that to yourself any longer? I certainly don’t want any part of self sabotage, I want the power of the mind to set me free day by day.

I promise you can do this, you can get in touch with yourself and set your self free in so many ways.Look me up I am Denise Street who is changing my life, and I am on my way to a one hundred pound weight loss. Please save your life, save yourself  from obesity. You are loved, Much Love Denise Street 995571_1386593114931428_1590935093_nT

Forget About Diets

I decided one day, to take my life back from the hands of obesity and struggle. It seems that I have struggled what was a life time of battling my own  will to lose weight. Up and down we went , diet after diet, pill after pill, doctor after doctor and then I found the will not to fall prey to the diet industry. Thousands of dollars , Therapist, the new and improved diet plan….wasn’t going to have me any longer because I found me and the will to live a life free of pain and self sabotage. I met a woman, dietician, behavior coach named Maya Nahra who has rocked my world and helped me to see what was hiding deep inside of me. The inner work, took me to places of sweat, tears and  overcoming my fears and now celebration. Yes I took down the walls of my soul and outpoured my heart on the pages of my story and changed the self hate journey of self love into paradise on earth. At fifty eight years old ” I get it.” There is no diet that is going to heal your life, there are better food choices, there is learned self disciple and there is self love! This is my new story, my new life of freedom over my sugar and food addiction and I am soaring higher then ever before. There is nothing so healing as setting yourself free from your self sabotaging ways in this lifetime.For today, for this moment , choose to really look inside and stop numbing with food. Set yourself free from your own self sabotaging ways and soar higher then before. Much Love Denise Street, known on facebook as ” The Incredible Shrinking Woman.”oss-magicwoman8-1200