Forget About Diets

I decided one day, to take my life back from the hands of obesity and struggle. It seems that I have struggled what was a life time of battling my own  will to lose weight. Up and down we went , diet after diet, pill after pill, doctor after doctor and then I found the will not to fall prey to the diet industry. Thousands of dollars , Therapist, the new and improved diet plan….wasn’t going to have me any longer because I found me and the will to live a life free of pain and self sabotage. I met a woman, dietician, behavior coach named Maya Nahra who has rocked my world and helped me to see what was hiding deep inside of me. The inner work, took me to places of sweat, tears and  overcoming my fears and now celebration. Yes I took down the walls of my soul and outpoured my heart on the pages of my story and changed the self hate journey of self love into paradise on earth. At fifty eight years old ” I get it.” There is no diet that is going to heal your life, there are better food choices, there is learned self disciple and there is self love! This is my new story, my new life of freedom over my sugar and food addiction and I am soaring higher then ever before. There is nothing so healing as setting yourself free from your self sabotaging ways in this lifetime.For today, for this moment , choose to really look inside and stop numbing with food. Set yourself free from your own self sabotaging ways and soar higher then before. Much Love Denise Street, known on facebook as ” The Incredible Shrinking Woman.”oss-magicwoman8-1200


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