Tap Into Your Magnificent Mind

There is a magnificent tool right at the palm of your hand, it’s called your brain, use your mind to get what you want ! Hello it’s me , waiting for you to give me the okay to transform your life. I am here ready and waiting for the power that you possess, use me .Weight release is a game of mental habits as my coach Maya Nahra has made me so aware of. Yes one cookie taste just as good as ten, so why would you need ten?

For me I never eat things that will send me over the edge of uncontrolled eating. There is cheese cake and whip cream cake in the fridge, I look at them differently now. To me they stand for self sabotage to stand in my way of my personal masterpiece of sculpting my body, mind and spirit.

There came a time when I said , “no more,” I’ve had enough of being obese and I am changing my story now.Food is no longer my drug of choice, I choose me, myself and I , I choose the feeling of calm.

How many people tell you that you have the most magfificant tool inside of you? Well you do and you know  what to do, you know when you eat things that get in your way. Why would you want to do that to yourself any longer? I certainly don’t want any part of self sabotage, I want the power of the mind to set me free day by day.

I promise you can do this, you can get in touch with yourself and set your self free in so many ways.Look me up I am Denise Street who is changing my life, and I am on my way to a one hundred pound weight loss. Please save your life, save yourself  from obesity. You are loved, Much Love Denise Street 995571_1386593114931428_1590935093_nT


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