It is About The Food, and mindfulness

1525534_1386592841598122_2090537227_nThere are those people that say ” obesity isn’t about the food!’ For me it was about choosing foods that made me obese because I love to eat sugar desserts, walking into an Italian bakery and choosing the most exotic delicious cookies and cannoli dipped in chocolate. The problem was numbing myself with these high-calorie foods that nurtured that scared little girl within. I could remember walking into a Fanny Farmer store and order chocolates with wrapping paper and a bow, please. Oh, this candy wasn’t for a gift , this candy was for me, pretending that I was giving a gift to someone. I was giving myself a high calorie, with delicious chocolates, yes, please, I’ll take two pounds worth. This, my friends, was the old Denise, the Denise that didn’t want to look inside to see why I used food as the drug of choice. Today is a much brighter day because I made the choice to work with a Dietician, behavior coach named ” Maya Nahra ,” founder of ” Healthy Habit Solutions.” I now look forward to my fruit that feeds that the desire to be sweet and sassy, ha ha! You can do this,  you can stop choosing foods that will numb and destroy your body. You can choose to ” give it all you got.” You don’t have to “give in, or give up.” You got this, just look within and stop using food as the “drug of choice ,” to numb your crisis’s in life. We always making it through when there are difficult times and the food isn’t going to make it all better. Please take care of yourself , you owe this to yourself. Much Love Denise Street ” The Incredible Shrinking Woman.’


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