I Have a Secret

2016-03-17 18.04.13I do have a secret for you, yes you. You are the answer that you  have been seeking your whole life long. Yes, you hold the key to   creating your new masterpiece of you. You have the power to change your life regardless of where you are . You are the master planner of a successful new body,mind and spirit.You are the magic, you are the master healer of your own life if you just say  yes . Yes, I can change my life story and create a happier life , a healthier body soul, and spirit. Say “yes,” and get started now, today. What are you waiting for, don’t allow your trigger foods to control your addiction? Sugar will knock you down and spit you out. You must understand that you hold the key to your freedom with food. I have lost 72 lbs with the guidance of Maya Nahra. I feel so incredible and my life is full now that I’ve said yes. Know that I have choices or consequences of my choices. What a secret that is. Stop ignoring your inner conscious, and start to build your new life. God bless you all. Love Denise


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