Please Pass Up The Sugar!

Cotton candy, like puffs of amazing clouds that burst into my mouth like an orgasm exploding in my body. Sweet , sensational,emotional remembrance when candy was the “main event.”  Strings of black licorice that I unrolled from a sugar coil that brought me to nirvana..A paradise of instant gratification tricked my soul and lied to my spirit , I won’t give in, I won’t put out the fire inside of me that knows the trickster of sugar, gooey, soft, pleasurable , palatable texture in my mouth that wants to reject this time and time again. Sugar, I won’t have you in  my life any longer, your sweet sensations are a thing of my past and I am done with you, my sweet melody of lies. I’ve had enough of you , from homemade cannoli’s that my late Mother Rose made with love on Christmas Eve.  Apple suckers that simmered on my Mothers stove, in anticipation of Halloween evening with joyful songs that we sang. Sugar was brought to me on a silver platter all wrapped up with a bow of false promises.Natural fruit is my salvation into a place of self-love and discipline all rolled up to soothe my inner calling of living out loud and living with unconditional love.The sacrifice is worth the feeling of paradise on earth and walking in gratitude that I can control what goes into my body with a thousand and one  choices.  I take back my life , please pass up the sugar. Love Denise 2016


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