Happiness is the inner  sanctuary of peaceful living…. glorious loving…  giving back and self care.

I close my eyes and remember… I  give thanks for all that I have, and all that I am coming to be.

Playing on my piano, creating a tune gives me clarity and vision of why I am here and what my purpose is.

Believing in what we can’t see is the step to our reality …the visioning queen of a spiral dancer  that needs to soar.

I have learned to look within where my happiness resides in a mound of cotton candy and fairytales ,lifting me higher then ever before.

I hear the whisper of the wind ever so softly touching my soul where it’s never been touched before.

” You are the master of your own universe and happiness is yours for the asking!”

Happiness is for those that seek the inner truth of that wise woman that sits by the window sill singing her songs  of peace and touching the world.

There is a silent mystery that calls your name,” choose happiness,” choose living right, choose love, in a world of chaos and disarray…

 You distance yourself in the quietness that beacons you.

You are the director of this moving show…creating as you go along learning with every trip and fall. You are Happiness every step of the day when you choose your master class of becoming all that you are.


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