Just Live, Celebrate Your Journey

Today, I sit here with thoughts moving through my mind, visions of happiness surround my energy field and I am here alive and thriving because ” I made a choice, to choose me.”

Our choices create our destiny, our destiny is created by thoughts and actions and I am of sound mind and splendid harmony that dances in my mind. Food will always be something that needs to stay in the proper place. Food isn’t an event, it is nourishment for the body, soul and spirit. Feed my soul with the sweet smell of dancing naked in the rain celebrating my journey in life. No one said that this would be easy but it is always a learning process to celebrate your trip and falls because they are moving you to paradise on earth. I want to be touched like touching a baby for the first time, I want to be moved like a song that plays in your mind over and over again. I want to spread my light to every living begin that forgot how to dance. I want to show you how it is done so come on dance with me naked in the rain!  You are loved please celebrate your journey, and reach inside to find out what you truly need in your life. Much Love Denise


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