” We Are What We Eat”

I really hated that saying and never wanted to admit that ” we are what we eat,” was a fact! I ate myself up to two hundred and ninety eight pounds at fifty seven years old and I wanted out of this fat body. I didn’t want any part of this heavy , hurting body that was killing me because I was what I was eating and I wore it all over my body. So when you get to that point where your disgusted with yourself, you might ask ” what did you do?” Well I got on my computer and was seeking some answers of how I might change my relationship with food that was killing me. The name ” Maya Nahra,” founder of ” Healthy Habit Solutions popped up. Her words were ” Stop obsessing and start living , ” I gave her a call and my  lifestyle changed as I changed my mind about ” food.” They say ,” it isn’t about the food,” but in my case the food was my ” drug,” of choice. As I began to work with Maya my thoughts about food, shifted. I stopped depriving myself, I stopped dieting and I learned about nutrition. I have been working on this for one year and a half and I feel born again. I no longer eat any trigger foods which are sugary, desert, candy and anything that is going to wake up the junky within me. Those are the only limits that I put on myself, although I track my food in fitness pal for accountability. My message to you is that you are worthy of self care, you deserve a new born again body and you can achieve better health. God bless you and keep on keeping on , I am so proud of my friends on my new face book page, if you are interested you can email me and I will add you. My email is Deesjourney2live@gmail.com.  If your interested in contacting Maya Nahra you can find her on Google or Facebook by her name or Healthy Habit Solutions, so what are you waiting for your new life is ready for you. ps, I have lost 75 pounds and I am continuing to lose the up coming 25 pounds


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