Don’t Ever Give Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you want to give up but your almost there, and you must not give in to that voice

that tries to discourage your accomplishment. You are here for your lessons and journey to continue the climb towards a renew and reborn you… must not give up. Close your eyes and remember , you are stronger then you appear , you are the answer to your prayers, you are the magic that you have been seeking so never give up. This is your journey your lessons to be shared , people that need to hear the words, ” never give up!”

Baby steps, slow and steady, knowledge and power are all yourself when you look inside of yourself you can see and feel that butterfly that wants to emerge so let her ! Visions that dance in my head, of pure imagination and gratification with a taste of success at your finger tips, ” Don’t ever Give Up !” Look into that mirror and tell yourself daily , ” you can do this, you can have this , you can be this , you are this woman in the mirror that needs to be set free, so let her ! One day at a time, one moment at  a time, one step at a time, ” Don’t ever give up !” I believe in you , do you believe in me ? So don’t ever give up!!!! Love Denise


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