Look into the mirror , that person that is looking back in  you wants you to know something

No more searching outside of yourself, the key to unlock your self imposed prison

is looking back at you ~*~

She holds all the secrets of your soul , the freedom of your reality when you face

your destiny ,listen to the echo of the melody that plays in your mind

The darkness that you feel needs to be lifted higher and higher into a beautiful place of forgiveness

The people that you meet are here for your greater purpose in life

The missing pieces of your puzzle are there, look into the mirror

You hold the key  to unlock your mystery of self love no more self loathing

You are here, alive , awakened and shaken to spread the word

The whisper of the wind, gives you validation, you are here at the right time

the right place …the right moment of your life

Embrace that beautiful woman that you are creating to love the world

To help and hold the lost ones , to touch the forgotten ones

To tell her story

You are the one that holds the key of your paradise on earth

Touch the world and the world will touch you

Abuse the world and the world will abuse you

You hold the key of your own mystery

You are here as I am here

Together we can move mountains

Remember one thing ” You hold the key!”






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