Monthly Archives: July 2016

Goodbye Uncle John

It’s really difficult to say goodbye to a man that cared so much he went against all the grain of listening to others and went with his heart. He took many of us in when no one else wanted us , he loved us unconditionally. Although I am saying goodbye tonight , I know his wife was there to take his hand and lead him to the heavenly light. We had talks that brought tears to my eyes as I think of the love that he had for me.

I was his brothers daughter , his niece that remembers all the beautiful things that Uncle John stood for. I remember the stories that he told of my own parents that he loved so much. Laughter until my belly hurt , my soul was touches by this man. The tears of how difficult his own life was and he taught me to rise for every fall that I ever had. I know now , he is joined with his wife , my aunt Lucy, my parents , Rose and Charlie Alba, his parents , Joseph and Consetta Alba.

He told me things that not all would believe but I saw and listen to those things most people can’t comprehend because yes there is an after life. As I say goodbye this evening I am happy for his arrival in the heavens . I am happy that he is with his wife Aunt Lucy, your John is with you now. I am happy that he suffers no more emotional and physical pain, Uncle John you are free.

There will be no more sly remarks over your size , but a celebration of how large your heart was. You touched all that came into your presents here on this earth walk. Now heaven has the pleasure of your loving presents and unconditional love for all . Goodbye Uncle John , you are free to fly anywhere that you please to go. I love you forever and ever. Love your niece Denise, Until we meet again xo