“Heaven Is Everywhere”

We were gathered in the living room as my son was doing his usual electronic Voice Phenomenon, which those in the ghost field refer to as Evps. My son asked a question where is heaven,into the audio recorder waiting a few minutes and then played it back. A little girl voice came back answering in a drawn out erie voice “heaven is everywhere!” That wasn’t the first time I heard a spirits voice coming out of recorder, I had heard many, many spirit voices coming out of the recorder. The voices were clearer then you have ever heard in your life. I have watched those shows on television and it is a joke to me that my son has the ability to get these clear spirit voices that speak like you and I yet there are these people on television …it’s like who do they know? We don’t have money and are just a normal family, well, I guess I wouldn’t say normal because ghost and spirits speak to my husband, and my two adult children. I have heard them occasionally and this is without any devices. I know by now the ghost phase is over but I am most interested in the after life. I do believe in heaven and being stuck, some people would call this hell. We do pay our penance, sometimes here on earth and most often in the after life. I do know that my friends and family frown upon this kind of work in the field because the bible tells you so. I don’t think God would disapprove of my curiosity of the afterlife because yes I want to be greeted by God and my loved ones because damn it I miss them all. I want to see the pearly gates of heaven with tables of calorie free glorious trays of food that I don’t have to worry about gaining weight with. I want to see my late Mother Rose playing the piano and my late father charlie smoking his cigar playing poker. So, my beautiful friends and family, I am about to take you on this crazy journey of our family’s life and I pray that you don’t judge us because this is the truth and the whole truth. So sit back, grab a bit of tea and enjoy the story of our crazy life with the spirit world. Much Love Denise Street


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