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I am a fifty eight year old woman, who stopped using white sugar as the drug of choice and started working with Maya Nahra as my coach dietician and dropped 68 pounds, slow and steady wins the race.

“Heaven Is Everywhere”

We were gathered in the living room as my son was doing his usual electronic Voice Phenomenon, which those in the ghost field refer to as Evps. My son asked a question where is heaven,into the audio recorder waiting a few minutes and then played it back. A little girl voice came back answering in a drawn out erie voice “heaven is everywhere!” That wasn’t the first time I heard a spirits voice coming out of recorder, I had heard many, many spirit voices coming out of the recorder. The voices were clearer then you have ever heard in your life. I have watched those shows on television and it is a joke to me that my son has the ability to get these clear spirit voices that speak like you and I yet there are these people on television …it’s like who do they know? We don’t have money and are just a normal family, well, I guess I wouldn’t say normal because ghost and spirits speak to my husband, and my two adult children. I have heard them occasionally and this is without any devices. I know by now the ghost phase is over but I am most interested in the after life. I do believe in heaven and being stuck, some people would call this hell. We do pay our penance, sometimes here on earth and most often in the after life. I do know that my friends and family frown upon this kind of work in the field because the bible tells you so. I don’t think God would disapprove of my curiosity of the afterlife because yes I want to be greeted by God and my loved ones because damn it I miss them all. I want to see the pearly gates of heaven with tables of calorie free glorious trays of food that I don’t have to worry about gaining weight with. I want to see my late Mother Rose playing the piano and my late father charlie smoking his cigar playing poker. So, my beautiful friends and family, I am about to take you on this crazy journey of our family’s life and I pray that you don’t judge us because this is the truth and the whole truth. So sit back, grab a bit of tea and enjoy the story of our crazy life with the spirit world. Much Love Denise Street

Goodbye Uncle John

It’s really difficult to say goodbye to a man that cared so much he went against all the grain of listening to others and went with his heart. He took many of us in when no one else wanted us , he loved us unconditionally. Although I am saying goodbye tonight , I know his wife was there to take his hand and lead him to the heavenly light. We had talks that brought tears to my eyes as I think of the love that he had for me.

I was his brothers daughter , his niece that remembers all the beautiful things that Uncle John stood for. I remember the stories that he told of my own parents that he loved so much. Laughter until my belly hurt , my soul was touches by this man. The tears of how difficult his own life was and he taught me to rise for every fall that I ever had. I know now , he is joined with his wife , my aunt Lucy, my parents , Rose and Charlie Alba, his parents , Joseph and Consetta Alba.

He told me things that not all would believe but I saw and listen to those things most people can’t comprehend because yes there is an after life. As I say goodbye this evening I am happy for his arrival in the heavens . I am happy that he is with his wife Aunt Lucy, your John is with you now. I am happy that he suffers no more emotional and physical pain, Uncle John you are free.

There will be no more sly remarks over your size , but a celebration of how large your heart was. You touched all that came into your presents here on this earth walk. Now heaven has the pleasure of your loving presents and unconditional love for all . Goodbye Uncle John , you are free to fly anywhere that you please to go. I love you forever and ever. Love your niece Denise, Until we meet again xo

Look into the mirror , that person that is looking back in  you wants you to know something

No more searching outside of yourself, the key to unlock your self imposed prison

is looking back at you ~*~

She holds all the secrets of your soul , the freedom of your reality when you face

your destiny ,listen to the echo of the melody that plays in your mind

The darkness that you feel needs to be lifted higher and higher into a beautiful place of forgiveness

The people that you meet are here for your greater purpose in life

The missing pieces of your puzzle are there, look into the mirror

You hold the key  to unlock your mystery of self love no more self loathing

You are here, alive , awakened and shaken to spread the word

The whisper of the wind, gives you validation, you are here at the right time

the right place …the right moment of your life

Embrace that beautiful woman that you are creating to love the world

To help and hold the lost ones , to touch the forgotten ones

To tell her story

You are the one that holds the key of your paradise on earth

Touch the world and the world will touch you

Abuse the world and the world will abuse you

You hold the key of your own mystery

You are here as I am here

Together we can move mountains

Remember one thing ” You hold the key!”





I Am Only A Reflection of You

Looking in the mirror, I came to face my untold story that needed to be told

Once weighing two hundred and ninety eight pounds my emotions started

to surface

The layers of  my life , the dreams ,hopes , all buried by fear started to emerge

The lessons , the pain, the transformation of my body melting as if to show me

The magnificent light that I needed to see, that I needed to show the world

The possibility’s are in your soul ..when you unlock that buried treasure of you

The whisper of the wind, teasing me with beautiful gifts that I had

to share with the world

” I am only a reflection of you,” a transformational story of hope , dreams

and vision~*~I am only a reflection of you

In prayer, Denise Street





Angelina Denise

Precious granddaughter of mine, one of four precious granddaughters

Gives me unconditional love surrounded by purity

Comforting melody’s as I watch you sleep

A lullaby of memories

Nana needed to shed the pounds of pain as to play and run and sing with you

Precious Angelina ….grow into a beautiful woman of strength and courage

I realized  genetics are carried on to all of our babies , carrying on the dreams

wishes and perseverance  of living right….touching the world with your light and love

Angelina this one is for you, I love you



Don’t Ever Give Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you want to give up but your almost there, and you must not give in to that voice

that tries to discourage your accomplishment. You are here for your lessons and journey to continue the climb towards a renew and reborn you… must not give up. Close your eyes and remember , you are stronger then you appear , you are the answer to your prayers, you are the magic that you have been seeking so never give up. This is your journey your lessons to be shared , people that need to hear the words, ” never give up!”

Baby steps, slow and steady, knowledge and power are all yourself when you look inside of yourself you can see and feel that butterfly that wants to emerge so let her ! Visions that dance in my head, of pure imagination and gratification with a taste of success at your finger tips, ” Don’t ever Give Up !” Look into that mirror and tell yourself daily , ” you can do this, you can have this , you can be this , you are this woman in the mirror that needs to be set free, so let her ! One day at a time, one moment at  a time, one step at a time, ” Don’t ever give up !” I believe in you , do you believe in me ? So don’t ever give up!!!! Love Denise

Just Live, Celebrate Your Journey

Today, I sit here with thoughts moving through my mind, visions of happiness surround my energy field and I am here alive and thriving because ” I made a choice, to choose me.”

Our choices create our destiny, our destiny is created by thoughts and actions and I am of sound mind and splendid harmony that dances in my mind. Food will always be something that needs to stay in the proper place. Food isn’t an event, it is nourishment for the body, soul and spirit. Feed my soul with the sweet smell of dancing naked in the rain celebrating my journey in life. No one said that this would be easy but it is always a learning process to celebrate your trip and falls because they are moving you to paradise on earth. I want to be touched like touching a baby for the first time, I want to be moved like a song that plays in your mind over and over again. I want to spread my light to every living begin that forgot how to dance. I want to show you how it is done so come on dance with me naked in the rain!  You are loved please celebrate your journey, and reach inside to find out what you truly need in your life. Much Love Denise

” We Are What We Eat”

I really hated that saying and never wanted to admit that ” we are what we eat,” was a fact! I ate myself up to two hundred and ninety eight pounds at fifty seven years old and I wanted out of this fat body. I didn’t want any part of this heavy , hurting body that was killing me because I was what I was eating and I wore it all over my body. So when you get to that point where your disgusted with yourself, you might ask ” what did you do?” Well I got on my computer and was seeking some answers of how I might change my relationship with food that was killing me. The name ” Maya Nahra,” founder of ” Healthy Habit Solutions popped up. Her words were ” Stop obsessing and start living , ” I gave her a call and my  lifestyle changed as I changed my mind about ” food.” They say ,” it isn’t about the food,” but in my case the food was my ” drug,” of choice. As I began to work with Maya my thoughts about food, shifted. I stopped depriving myself, I stopped dieting and I learned about nutrition. I have been working on this for one year and a half and I feel born again. I no longer eat any trigger foods which are sugary, desert, candy and anything that is going to wake up the junky within me. Those are the only limits that I put on myself, although I track my food in fitness pal for accountability. My message to you is that you are worthy of self care, you deserve a new born again body and you can achieve better health. God bless you and keep on keeping on , I am so proud of my friends on my new face book page, if you are interested you can email me and I will add you. My email is  If your interested in contacting Maya Nahra you can find her on Google or Facebook by her name or Healthy Habit Solutions, so what are you waiting for your new life is ready for you. ps, I have lost 75 pounds and I am continuing to lose the up coming 25 pounds


Happiness is the inner  sanctuary of peaceful living…. glorious loving…  giving back and self care.

I close my eyes and remember… I  give thanks for all that I have, and all that I am coming to be.

Playing on my piano, creating a tune gives me clarity and vision of why I am here and what my purpose is.

Believing in what we can’t see is the step to our reality …the visioning queen of a spiral dancer  that needs to soar.

I have learned to look within where my happiness resides in a mound of cotton candy and fairytales ,lifting me higher then ever before.

I hear the whisper of the wind ever so softly touching my soul where it’s never been touched before.

” You are the master of your own universe and happiness is yours for the asking!”

Happiness is for those that seek the inner truth of that wise woman that sits by the window sill singing her songs  of peace and touching the world.

There is a silent mystery that calls your name,” choose happiness,” choose living right, choose love, in a world of chaos and disarray…

 You distance yourself in the quietness that beacons you.

You are the director of this moving show…creating as you go along learning with every trip and fall. You are Happiness every step of the day when you choose your master class of becoming all that you are.