The Mind Shift For Weight loss

One year ago in September, I have been on this weight releasing party of going within to learn what I needed to live without. Sugar….boxed stuff, pastries of Italian bliss, cake, pies, all to be out of my life to find that inner shift. I am now sixty eight pounds down and still riding on my magical carpet ride to heaven on earth. The discoveries are endless when you have the mind shift that knows  you are going all the way. There is no stopping me now, I am The Incredible Shrinking Woman, I am finding that I have bones and muscles, what a delight of fascination. I am the investigator in my own weight loss party of transformation and I am going all the way and staying there. A reformed sugar addict a seeker of truth and consequences. I love this new me  that is motivation other people as I go along, I am a reflection of you and what you want. Look into that mirror of truth and ask yourself , how bad do I want this ? Stop using your drug of choice and take yourself to the next level of the unstoppable you. I am here ready and willing to take it to the next level, working out at the gym ” who me?” Yes I go , I peddle my bike …I work out my knees that need a double knee replacement and I am focused to take me to the next level. You got this just don’t know it yet. I am constantly researching my opinions when my weight doesn’t want to budge ..I push ..I  dance to my own inner music and I am here with you . Now go get  your bliss! Love Denise Street