Working On Your Personal Masterpiece

2002-12-08 12.00.00-32 (1)12080221_10205228373370685_3199685023197815323_oIMAG0068 (1)11236555_892845287438908_4509381493148553166_oOne Day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time,” slow and steady Maya, say’s wins the race! I never thought that I would still be working on my personal masterpiece of changing my mind, body and spirit. The old Denise would have thrown in the towel and given up. I put up a picture of my dietician, coach Maya Nahra, she has been the component that I never had before. I never had someone help me not only with the nutrition part but the mental part. Yes, I have been working on this for one year and three-quarters of my life. My Doctor is very impressed with my weight reduction, I weighed two hundred and ninety-eight pounds when I started the work with Maya! I am very happy to say , I am now two hundred and twenty-four pounds. I am working towards my first one hundred pound reduction. This journey has been exciting for me, it has taught me what self-love is and self-care. For those of you that may have lost your way, pick up the pieces of your life and begin again. Don’t quit, it takes dedication , perseverance,and self-care to create your personal Masterpiece. You can find Maya Nahra , founder of Healthy Habit Solutions on Facebook. She has so much to offer our world, and I am happy to say I am taking her class now and very excited to learn at the age of fifty-eight and three-quarters. You can find me on facebook also, I created a few support boards to help you as well as help myself. Much Love and Compassion, Denise Street


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